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ID3 Intelligent Tagger v2.3

v2.3 October 9, 2001:
*Major bug fixes, all v2.2 users are strongly recommended to upgrade
*Many thanks to Dave|) SlyLovesDSL (| for invaluable bug reports
*Fixed the bug by which large filenames(more than the tag field could hold) were being written without length check, causing tags to overlap or apparently "carry over" to the adjacent field.
*Accordingly the massid3lib has been updated to v1.1
*Fixed the bug by which recurse subdirectory check option was being enabled by default internally causing all subdirectories to be tagged.
*Fixed the bug by which default custom format was not disabling its relevant windows.

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ID3 Intelligent Tagger v2.2 iit22thumbnail

v2.2 October 3, 2001:
*Major new feature added on user request.
*IIT v2.2 now supports custom tag format specification!
*IIT v2.2 incorporates the cfid3lib (C) 2001         John George K., this   library extracts tag data from

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the mp3 file name based on a specified separator, compares it with the custom tag format specified and writes the tags.
*Worked out a simple way to implement a switch statement based on strings! You don't have to be envious of C#. Check out the source.
*Fixed a few pointer problems.
*Still no sacrifice of speed, IIT is clean & quick as ever.


ID3 Intelligent Tagger v2.1

September 24,2001:
*major bug fixes
*fixed the 3rd predefined format option as
 "<artist> - <album> - <title>" on user request.
*fixed the 4th predefined format option which can now write both track as well as title tag through a newly added chartointeger conversion function
*fixed a few other minor bugs

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iit2thumbnailID3 Intelligent Tagger v2.0

This is  a new release of ID3 Intelligent tagger. v2.0 by John George K.

What's new?

September 18,2001:

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*Added the mass tag/predefined formats setting check box option
*IIT v2.0 now supports id3v1.1 by incorporating the massid3lib (C) 2001, John George K. (
http://sourceforge.net/projects/massid3lib/ )
for writing all id3v1.1 data, by which one or more selected tag fields can be written.
*Fixed a few bugs related to passing of null pointers to write functions.
*Fixed the bug by which correct Genre Ids of genre selected in combo box was not returned to the writeGenre function.
*No sacrifice of speed, IIT is as clean & quick as ever.

 *IIT v2.0 Setup created using NullSoft v1.44 installer


ID3 Intelligent Tagger 1.1.1
It's a free utility that lets you add ID3 tags to every .mp3 files in a folder. Choose the directory that contains your .mp3 files, then pick from one of three ways the .mp3 files are formatted. Type in any extra global information, if any, you'd like to apply to the ID3 tags such as year, genre, and comments. Then when you press the Go button, the program collects information from the file names, and adds ID3 tags with the collected information to all .mp3 files in the chosen folder and its subfolders.

Note: If ID3 Intelligent Tagger doesn't support your mp3 formatting you can use Auto Rename who is made by my friend. http://loop.coders.net/
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